You can find Puffey's Candy Puffcorn in the following locations:

1. Online Store: Visit our official website at []( to browse our full range of products and place your order.

2. Retail Partners: Check with local specialty food stores, confectionery shops, and select supermarkets that carry our delightful Puffcorn.

3. Events and Pop-Up Shops: Keep an eye out for Puffey's Candy Puffcorn at various community events, festivals, and pop-up shops in your area. Follow us on social media for event announcements.

4. Fundraising Campaigns: If you're participating in a fundraising campaign, you may find Puffey's Candy Puffcorn being sold by local schools, youth groups, and organizations.

5. Custom Orders: For special occasions or large orders, please contact our Customer Service Department at [Phone Number] or [Email Address] to inquire about custom purchasing options.

6. Follow Us on Social Media: Stay updated on our latest product offerings, events, and availability by following us on [Facebook]( and [Instagram](

If you're unable to find Puffey's Candy Puffcorn in your local area, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Department for assistance. We're dedicated to ensuring you have access to our delightful treats.