"Candy by the Carton"

"Puffey's Candy Puffcorn: Premium Delights at an Unbeatable Price"


Indulge in the extraordinary with Puffey's Candy Puffcorn. Priced at just $2 each, our fundraisers offer unparalleled value for your supporters. Beyond their affordability, they boast the essence of premium quality chocolate, delivering a truly gratifying indulgence.


Here's why our $2 Puffey's Candy Puffcorn stands out:


  • Up to 50% Profit: With every $2 product sold, you unlock up to 50% profit for your cause. It's a mutually beneficial endeavor that empowers all parties involved.


  • Unrivaled Quality: These $2 Puffey's Candy Puffcorn are more than just a budget-friendly gift. They encapsulate a superior chocolate experience, guaranteeing your supporters receive extraordinary value for their contribution.


  • A Symphony of Flavors: Choose from an array of flavors to cater to every palate. From time-honored classics to imaginatively crafted options, our selection ensures there's something for everyone.


  • Exclusivity in Every Bite: Our $2 fundraising Puffey's Candy Puffcorn won't be found on retail shelves. This exclusivity assures your supporters that they're savoring something truly exceptional.


  • No Idle Treats: These delectable delights won't sit idly on shelves. They're so irresistibly delicious that your supporters will dive right in, creating a perpetual craving for more.


Elevate your fundraising journey with Puffey's Candy Puffcorn. It's not just a treat—it's an accessible luxury that fuels a great cause.


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