Level Up Dad's Snack Game! Try Puffey's Cool Puffs, Perfect for a Cool Dad!



Welcome to Puffey's Candy Company, home of Cool Puffs: The Fluffiest, Coolest and Tastiest Candy Puffcorn Ever! I'm Puffey, your fluffy, flavorful fun ambassador!

Meet the Puffy's Crew! There's Chillmonger, the coolest cat in the fridge, keeping your Puffs chilled to perfection. And Candicorn, the candy corn bursting with sunshine and sweet surprises in your Cool Puffs Candy.

Together, we're here to level up your snacking! Ready to join the fun? Dive in and discover a world of delicious adventures!



Bubblegum Puffey's

Cotton Candy Puffey's

Birthday Cake Puffey's

No High Fructose
Corn Syrup
No Hulls or Kernels

Memorable Goodies for Every Special Occasion

"Rave Reviews from Our Happy Customers"


Gavin Jeramiah Student/teen

This is one of my favorite candy snacks. When I open my candy on breaks, all my friends rush me for some, and because they can't eat just one, I run out fast. I try not to take them to school sometimes. My parents like it too, it's a healthy candy snack we all like and makes us happy...lol.


Michelle W.G. California Dispatcher

Michelle W.G. recommends Cool Puffs Candy Co: " I can't stop eating this product. It has become my favorite addiction. If I ever decide to get married again I'm going to make the fattest order and serve my guest these. I like going up to people I know and ask if they have ever heard of this product and when they say no I'll get them hooked!!! I think everyone should try it, it'll become many's favorite candy puff."


David (The Candyman) Klein Confections Guru

“Just tasted your products….I have been in the candy business for over 45 years and I have never been so impressed...The product line has an unlimited future..” -David (The Candyman) Klein, former inventor/founder of Jelly Belly, The original gourmet jelly bean.

"Celebrate Dad's Sweet Side with Puffey's Candy: The Perfect Father's Day Treat!"

"You can't eat just one - you just can't!"

Craving something magical? Step into Puffey's Candy Co., the masterminds behind Cool Puffs, the revolutionary Puffy's Candy Puffcorn – The Original Buttered Flavored Candy Puffcorn that explodes with flavor in every bite! Forget ordinary sweets - our handcrafted Cool Puffs creations enchant your senses with unique, fluffy textures and exquisite tastes, crafting memories that linger long after the last morsel. Elevate every gathering with Puffy's Cool Puffs. These eye-catching confections are the ultimate dessert masterpiece, adding a touch of unparalleled sweetness and elegance that will wow your guests. Each piece of Puffy's Candy Puffcorn is a work of art, crafted with the finest ingredients and innovative techniques, making them as addictive as they are delightful. Join the Puffey's family today! We value your feedback and constantly evolve to bring you the sweetest experience possible with our Cool Puffs. Let us make your life's moments even more magical with every irresistible bite of Puffy's Candy Puffcorn. Experience the Puffy's magic - you won't regret it!

"Puffey's Circus Treats"